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A team of creative designers and developers who can really perform WordPress magiclly
In HappyMonster, we assist you from drawing wireframes to effective branding, from requirement analysis to making your website finally happen. Leave the UI designing, prototyping, front-end markup, and backend development to us. HappyMonster can design and develop your web applications in the shortest possible time at a surprisingly affordable rate.

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Under HappyMonster banner we have three separate operations focused on Themes, Elementor Widgets and Independent Plugins.

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We offer a comprehensive one-stop solution for all your WordPress issues. Be it Markup, Branding, Consultancy, or User Onboarding. You will get fast, reliable & hassle-free services.



Our outstanding designers can support you to stand out in the crowd with their superior ideas and designs for the effective branding of any kind of business.

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  • eazy plugins
  • Kanmi
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Web Design

When it’s about presenting your work or website to the world then you must choose the prime Web Design to carry your uniqueness. Keeping this in mind HappyMonster will support according to your need and with our expert web designer’s consultation.


WordPress Plugin

WordPress site owners, Welcome to HappyMonster. We are here to provide you the essential plugins to enhance your WordPress site to the next level.
  • HappyAddons
  • EazyGrid
  • EazyGrid
  • EazyGrid
  • Litipay
  • Anonymoose
  • Flow
  • Southerland



Bothered with broken images or a laggy website? We can fix these problems. Just knock for support with HappyMonster.

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Currently we have more then 200k active users and the number is growing. We will assist you from drawing wireframes to effective branding with our standard work.

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We prove the service that connect your customers whenever you need.

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